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Neil & Clare get wed!Neil & Clare get married!  My old friends from my college days finally tied the knot a couple of years ago.  (Neil is a Western Onion man now!)

Liz, Noel & ChlorineA nice dreamy shot of the countryside up near Harrogate.  Oh yeah and Liz, Neil & Clare are in the picture!  Should be an album cover or suffink!

Tracer & AlThe good lady Trace and her son Al.  Wicked face painting courtesy Womad '99!  Al actually looks like one of the Thundercats here though I can't remember which one!  Trace appears to have got too close to a rainbow.  Cool people inna Norwich Town.

The Roots Doctor - Music Is Medicine!The Roots Doctor.  Number 1 Roots & Dub DJ inna Norwich area (big claim - big sound!).  Check out Livewire 1350AM, as the the good Doctor more often than not presents the Raw Roots Reggae Show! Musical First Aid! MUSIC IS MEDICINE!

Three LadyboysThree Ladyboys! Ed, Neil and myself dressed to kill.  P.S. Thanks to Tracer once again for providing the pic!  (Why do I look like that geezer from the Fast Show with the luminous w***y?)

Jimmer & BlokeyA Nice pic of Blokey and Myself.  I appear to have grown a can of carling where my leg should be though!

Fredy On SnowdonFredy.  Here he is on Mt. Snowdon, either just before, or just after, being told that I don't like heights & had to stop!  Judge for yourselves!

Infamous Pedros Night!The infamous Pedros night is next!  Here is Bertie, Neil (above!) Hoyley, then Sharon and Pippa!  A very drunken night!

Hmmm!I seem to remember that I ended up throwing food on a fork at Hoyley and this was the reaction I got!

Simon & EliotThis is Simon and Eliot.  Simon is on the right, sat in my Dad's Sprite!  Haven't seem them for a while, and hope to catch up soon!  (HOW AND WHERE ARE YOU?)

Ed's Murder Mystery party happened on 27/09/03!  It was a 'king good bash with the good Mr Ed as 'Bertie Rooster', his girlfriend, Jules, as 'Paddy O'Lay'. I was Anthony 'Fiddler' Farquhar and Jo was Penelope Pitt-Pony. Chloe played Sister Wendy Miller, Jess was Dame Agatha Eiderdown, and Elly as May Vest.

Oh yeah and "Sir" Wes as Mustapha M'stach! On left to right: Bertie, Penelope, Sister Wendy, & Mustapha (cognac!!)!

T'was a superb night, the food was excellent, the company superb, and the game fantastic! I was supposed to be from Scotland, but was unable to manage an acceptable accent. Unlike Jules who was amazingly convincing as an Irishman! Cool, cool times!! Well, Mr Ed does it again - a birthday that lasts for days (4 at least - you lucky bugger!). Happy Birthday for Tuesday (30.09.03) Mr Ed! Thanks for the evening go to Jules the Irishman, Elly the yankee murderer, and Jo (for providing the game) the 1920s hussy!

See Jimmer Page for a picture of Anthony 'Fiddler' Farquhar