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Soon a new site is coming - www.mr2roadster.info - dedicated to the MR2!

Midship RunaboutThis MR2 really is a fantastic little motor, I've had it since February 2002.  It's such a hoot to drive!  I have made a few appearance tweaks to the car!  Latest tweaks are my Mongo deflectors (check Mongo on spyderchat.com website) and Bama's deflector (Bamaspyder on spyderchat).  Wind has been cut down then - at least wind from outside the car! Trump-trump.....

Lizzy got one first (a yellow one) and I thought it was real nice, so I got one too.  One of the better decisions of my life I think!

Chrome rear grillesDecember 2003: My nice new chrome rear grilles!  An X-mas present from my dad and I like 'em! (For those who know these things - yes I know the MR-S badge is in the wrong place! - its been moved now...)

Chrome front grilleOh yeah, he got me the front grille too, not quite as impressive though!  Cool though, I am well pleased with them.  (Got rid of the chromed-plastic surround on the number plate now - looked clumsy...)

Chrome air-intake garnish(!)Chrome air-intake. Dad got me this for my 30th Birthday (Sep 03), and comes direct from Japan.  There it is referred to as "Chrome air intake garnish".  This part is actually the new 2003 model part.  Next I have to fit the chrome door mirrors I got!  They will sure make the car look special

Dull silver-painted mirrorsHere's a picture of my previous wing mirrors.  Thought they were a bit dull, so I bought chrome ones!

Chrome mirrorsLike this!  These are my new ones!  A bit flashy and a bit OTT, but well they are different!

Most recent car pic 20.09.03My car.  Has J-spec badges front & rear, clear side repeaters, non-sony stereo, and the bits and bobs as above! Regret putting the TRD logo on the bonnet ... hmmmmm!

Ouch!Bl**dy Hell what have I done?  Careless Jim kissed a concrete post.  Bodyshop here we come.

Ouch 2!As you can see I've managed to neatly crease the rear wing and shave the bumper.  Never was very good at shaving - always cut myself!  It has now been faithfully repaired by Toyota!

At the Louisville RVIA (Recreational Vehicle Industry Association) Trade Show 2003, I got to sit in the Nascar Daytona 500 winner!

Jim in Nascar 2003 winning carThis superb motor is based on a Dodge I believe.  Was a tight squeeze even for short-arse-I  Hmmm...

Renault Megane ConvertableThis was last car before the Toyota, a Renault Megane!  Nice looking motor, but wasn't too quick! Had a cool electric folding roof though! Mind you took 30 seconds to fold the hood.  Had a few problems too, so I got shot of it! (Had 4 seats though - sorta!)

PuntoBefore the Megane I had a Fiat Punto 55S!  Here it on holiday in Wales with, I believe, Fredy's Tent.

MiniEven earlier in time I had a beige(!) VW Polo , before that a little Mini!  A great car!  Put on the black eyelids intended for my beetle, and a set of alloys.

VW Jeans BeetleIt came with a blue denim interior (Yes!!) which I replaced (black cloth instead) and put a 1600 engine in.  Great looking car, and had some left at 90mph!

BSA Bantam D1Me on my 1959 BSA Bantam D1!  Took me 2 years to restore this lovely little bike.  Here I am on my 17th Birthday.  Two days later a Saab driver wrote it off.  I was gutted!!

MZ 125ccAfter a short time I regained my confidence and got an MZ 125.  Not the coolest of bikes I grant, but it was reliable, well built, and I still have it! (My VW Beetle in Background!)

BSA DBD34 Gold Star CatalinaMe on my Dad's 1964 BSA Gold Star Catalina!  A yankee import, this is one of the very last built.  It is in 'unrestored' condition but still in good nick with the original American modifications intact.  Wheelies in every gear with its low ratio gearbox!

HRD Black LightningAbout 16 or 17 here, with the original Black Lightning prototype outside Conway Motors (when run by Chas Guy). (Nice hair Jim!)

How many dull photos are there here???There may well be more written here...

... in  t h e   f  u  t  u  r  e   .    .    .     .      .       .        .         .           .