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A group picture of my surprise 30th birthday party on Friday 5th September 2003.  It was a surprise to me, and a surprise to those who came that I hadn't figured it out!  Many thanks to Jo for organisation, food, and the level of deception.  I was getting a bit annoyed with Liz for delaying my homecoming from work .... it all makes sense now!

Jimmer The CakeThis is not a technics turntable, but a birthday cake, again arranged by Jo.  The cake was superb, but the sounds it gave out were rather spongey.  Thank god the temptation for 30 candles was resisted!  Oh yeah and I'm wearing the cool t-shirt that Kathy & Dave got me!

Jo & BalloonsJo - the party organiser and general hoodwinker.  Thanks and praises to the good Jah Jo for a superb party, well received.  Here she sits with the 30 Red, Gold and Green balloons she got for the party.  The helium inside didn't take long to come out and into some peoples' lungs, though not Jo's from what I remember through the hazy recollection of the party!

Jimmer & BlokeyBlokey Neil came, and here he is sat on my sofa with me.  It was damn good to see him, and very nice of him to come especially as he was exceptionally tired having very little sleep due to night-shifts.  Good onya Blokey for coming!

Who could forget music from the Roots Doctor?  Yes the man fari spin de tunes ina dem place.  Much reggae beat and heavy sound from the musical doctor.  The man here pon me kitchen with Lady Trace and Pippa.

Fredy well mashThis is Mr. Mashed - Mr Fredy!

Butty & Cara!

Chloe & Ewan!

And Darren!

The full list of attendees!

  • Jo (my girlfriend and excellent secret keeper!)
  • Liz (my sister and master delayer)
  • Trace (thanks for the Juicer & Jimpanzee Card!)
  • Squidgafari (Deejay, thanks also for the juicer, and the Birthday disk!)
  • Neil (Blokey - Thanks for Champagne!)
  • Pippa (Thanks for Champagne)
  • Elly (Sorry you had to run to the party!)
  • Fredy (Man get Mash-Up!)
  • Butty (Thanks for Bob Marley Single)
  • Cara (Thanks for Bob Marley Single)
  • Chloe
  • Ewan
  • Ian
  • Darren (Funny on Helium)
  • & Me!

30 Red RosesJo also got me thirty red roses delivered to work!  Must have cost her a fortune.

The full list of presents:

  • Jo - Coffee maker; Red roses; Balloons; Party; Plate (Picture below, signed by my friends!); Champagne
  • Mum - Electric Razor
  • Dad & Ingrid - Car parts (chrome shiny bits!); Shirt; Champagne; Flowers; Chocolates
  • Kathy & Dave - Marley T-shirt
  • Liz - Books (2 x); Fancy Cinema Ticket
  • Jack (My Nephew) - Scotty Lighter (Though he doesn't condone the habit apparantly)
  • Grandma & Grandpa - HMV Vouchers
  • Jo's Mum, Andrew and Amy - Camera Bag (Much needed)
  • Trace, Squidge & Al - Juicer
  • Neil & Pip - Champagne
  • Butty & Cara - Bob Marley Single

Birthday Plate

Squidge's Birthday DisccardSquidge's Birthday card to the Jimmer - a birthday disk!

Squidgafari's Birthday Disk Other Side!Thanks to Squidgafari man for the brilliant card!  It even had a small shotglass cut for a stand!  Thanx & Praises to Far-I!