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Sunny Filey SeafrontWe were staying near the sunny coastal town of Filey.

The accomodation and transportIt was a camping trip (again!) so we went in Jo's car with our big tent.  The campsite was ok apart from noisy neighbours!

Was that the sun???We even saw the sun once or twice!!

Robin Hood's BayThis is Robin Hoods Bay, a bit north of Filey and Scarborough. It was quite picturesque but unfortunately I couldn't really capture it!

Robin Hood's Bay's HillHeres the blooming great hill that runs all the way up the middle of the place. Quite a treck I can say!

Our most recent holiday abroad was to sunny St. Lucia in the West Indies in March 2004.  Lucky us!!  It was a lovely holiday, please click the picture below for a dedicated site.

Botanical Gardens WatefallJo and myself at the Botanica Gardens Waterfall in St. Lucia.  The colours on the rock come from mineral deposits such as copper and iron, or so I'm told.  We had a superb time in the sunny caribbean and saw most of the island in a day, in a 4x4!

The PitonsThe trip let us see the Pitons.  It was great to see the whole island, especially being driven by someone else!  That meant we could have a Piton (the local beer) by the Pitons!

Marigot BayThis is Marigot Bay, the place most famous for being in the 'Doctor Dolittle' film.  Also has a hotel that can only be reached by boat or swimming!  Our driver (Jude) also originated from here.

Pigeon IslandPigeon Island - It was a key defensive island during the conflicts between France and Britain for control.  The former officer's quaters is a nice bar now - The Captain's Cellar.

Club St Lucia BeachThe Club St Lucia beach, has a host of swimming pools behind it (which you can't see!).  It was a great trip, hotel was nice enough, and you can't beat the caribbean for relaxing!

Villa in CapitouThe villa in Capitou that we stayed in.  Nice large villa, but no air-conditioning or ceiling fans.  No fans available in shops and temperatures over 32 deg C!

The poolThe villa had a crackin' pool!  At least there was one way to keep cool other than getting in the freezer!

View over CannesThis is taken from the road behind the villa and shows the truly amazing view across Cannes.  Whether night or day it was quite spectacular, if you were lucky you got a late-night firework show too!

The beach at Cannes.  It was small, but the sea was shallow, especially by the Chateau in La Napoule

Soon more will come!